Mikkro (mikro < Greek: from mikrõs small; *small scale architecture) was founded by Katerina Pimenidu and Katerina Stasinopoulou, two Greek architects with an extensive background in residential and interior design projects. Based in The Hague, Mikkro has enganged in projects across The Netherlands and Greece with an extra focus on helping other expats to create a new life away from home.


Katerina Pimenidu

studied Architecture Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki from where she graduated with distinction in 2006. She also holds a Master of Science with distinction from the Technical University of Athens, under the title “Architecture – Spatial Design”. Katerina has collaborated with architectural and interior design offices in Greece with their work being published in Greek design magazines. She has participated in several national and international competitions and has taught Principles of Design at Thessaloniki’s Institute of Vocational Training. Alongside her architectural activity, Katerina establishes in 2014 her namesake jewellery brand Katerina Pimenidu Jewellery. She takes part in several design exhibitions with her work also being featured in the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum. Katerina has won several prizes and awards in international and national design competitions (Kosmima, A Jewel Made in Greece), including the 1st place in the “Young Designers Corner” in 2015 in Munich. She is a mother of a 5 year old, and since 2016 she lives in The Netherlands where she works as an interior architect and designer.


Katerina Stasinopoulou

is a second generation interior architect and has more than 15 years of experience in architecture and interior design projects. In 2005 she graduated with a professional degree in Architecture Engineering from University of Thessaly in Greece. After her graduation, Katerina worked for many years as a lead architect in ORIO LP, where she led the design and development of numerous public buildings and private residences. Through this role she has won several architectural (competitive) bidding awards and was actively involved in the construction of several prestigious public buildings throughout Greece. In 2012, following her family tradition in furniture manufacturing and interior design, Katerina founds her namesake architecture office “Katerina Stasinopoulou” and focuses in house renovations and custom furniture design. She is a mother of a 5 year old and since 2016 she lives in the Netherlands where she works as an interior architect.

Our philosophy


Our design language is long-lasting;


In Mikkro, when we talk about a space, we talk about its qualities, the weight of materials, the effect of light and colour.  Our main attention is paid on how the space is used, how the movements flow and in which way our work can improve your everyday living experience. We value timeless aesthetics more than fashion trends and we create spaces that can evolve with you through the years. 


Your design journey is unique;


Every space has its own story to tell. Every space evokes emotions and creates impressions that are not purely visual. Human spaces don’t work with one sense alone. They come in many different colors and accents, just like their inhabitants. So does yours. This is why in Mikkro we invest, first and foremost, in understanding your individual special qualities, your needs and wishes, and create spaces that can narrate your own, unique story.


Our designs are products of high expertise;


With our architecture background, we know that only a well-designed space is a space aesthetically pleasing. We think in details and balance out any construction / aesthetic issue in every stage of the project. We work with people that can translate any design in reality and deliver detailed craftsmanship in time. In Mikkro, we keep a holistic approach to our projects and every design decision is a knowledge – based decision.