Apartment 206

Location: Utrecht



A newly built apartment, located in a very vibrant and busy suburb of Utrecht that its previous interior was in need of a complete touch-up. The young couple that moved in, wanted us to design the whole place so that it fits with their new beginnings in life.


The space we created had to follow three principles; be calm, de-cluttered and relaxing. For a restful interior we knew we had to go with minimal pieces and tried to implement a wabi-sabi concept to our design. We chose natural materials with round forms and shapes for a calming interior. With mixing different types and wood colours we achieved the space to look effortless and unintentionally curated. The overall colours of the interior were also picked accordingly. Earthy, light tones, both on the walls and on the space’s elements, with some splashes of darker wood and warm colours here and there for a non-dull, welcoming atmosphere. We dressed the space with natural, soft textiles and small, “imperfect” items, like side tables, basket and jute rug to further highlight the wabi-sabi, balanced feel of the interior.


Photo credits: Caroline Martinot