Moralis Apartment

Location: Zoetermeer



This apartment in Zoetermeer, was in need of a complete renovation. The new owners wanted to fully update the apartment’s facilities and create a more functional layout in order to meet the needs of their growing family; isolate the busy living area from the bedrooms, create big closet space, upgrade the kitchen and refurbish the out-dated bathroom and W.C.


The owners’, modern, piece of art, by the famous painter Giannis Moralis, was placed against the central wall of the living area. Underneath it, Katerina Pimenidu designed a custom cabinet that compliments the colours and style of the painting in order to create a minimal – yet quite of a statement – feature wall across the dining table.


Quite a few vintage furniture pieces, originating back to the 1960’s and originally owned by the owners’ grandparents, completed the styling of the space and added a mid-century touch to their interior.


Photo Credits: Katerina Pimenidu