Residence 58

Location: Eindhoven



Located in the outskirts of Eindhoven, this three-storey house had already been carrying a lot of building history on its walls. The ground floor was extended in, at least, two different phases and poorly renovated in the past, whereas both the ground and the first floor had serious sound and heat insulation issues. The owners, a young international couple who had recently bought the property, wanted to completely reconstruct the ground floor in order to welcome their first child in a clean and child friendly environment.


The extension phases of the ground floor were not only visible in the randomness of the movement flow but also on the ceilings’ levels. Three different ceiling heights – resulting from the three different extension phases – were further highlighting the visual noise of the space.


Our approach was very straightforward. The first thing to do was to isolate the staircase. By doing so, we achieved a very clear functional division between the living room and the entrance hallway while creating a stronger heat and sound barrier between the living and sleeping areas of the house. The new wall between the staircase and the living room also extended the space of the main sitting area which – compared to the actual proportions of the house – was quite small.


In order to nicely incorporate the different ceiling heights to the new design, we constructed additional dry wall beams that also helped with the further division of the space between the living area, kitchen – pantry and home office. The owner’s love for green colour and dark wood set the tone for the material selection and styling choices.