Terrazzo Bathroom

Location: The Hague



Located on the 1st floor of a beautiful, monumental, 1905 building, close to the centre of The Hague, this bathroom was in need of a complete transformation; both aesthetic and functional. The owners, a young, international couple, had a love for bold colours and retro elements something that was very clear in the rest of their property. They had maintained and up kept many of the house’s original details, like the hallway’s colourful terrazzo, the neoclassical moldings on the ceilings, and the original boiserie doors.


The house’s original character was the starting point for our design. We chose dark wood for the cabinets, terrazzo for the floor, bold colour on the wall and gold details for the secondary elements. Our main goal was to successfully maintain the vintage feel in a more up-to-date, elegant manner.


Finding the optimal layout for the bathroom was not as straightforward as deciding its style. The space was lacking straight, “clean” wall surface to work with. As the only side of the space, that could actually be used in order to generate the best layout, was underneath the inclined roof, we decided to move the wash basin in front of the big window and free up the required space to deliver to the owners their – very much wanted – big, walk in shower.